Columbia Men dedicated to our brotherhood, our university, and our community.




Our chapter's highest value is brotherhood. We provide an invaluable support network at a university where community is difficult to find. And our members know that wherever their ambitions take them, they'll have a Columbia brotherhood of around 60 undergraduate men and 1,200 alumni  to call on. We offer academic and professional resources, like our Greek Business Speaker Series, but most importantly, we furnish brothers with strong bonds to one another.

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We were here when they still played Push Ball on South Lawn, when Matilda the Harlem Goat was almost chosen as the university mascot, and when ADHOC heisted uranium from Pupin. We are fiercely proud of Columbia and are here to support the university, its students, and its traditions with related campus programming and projects, such as the CU Historical Initiative.



We provide our brothers with resources and programming to engage our community in Morningside Heights and New York City. Whether it's attracting 300 New Yorkers to a reuse & recycle drive on campus, or cleaning up a local park, or partnering to raise money with another Columbia student group, like GlobeMed, Youth for Debate, and Community Impact, we're always doing something to improve our surroundings. Living for others is an inherent and necessary part of joining a fraternity.