Recruitment 101

Fraternity recruitment is a fun and eye-opening experience. It's an awesome opportunity to meet people, talk to upperclassmen about college plans, and find out if joining a Greek Organization is right for you. 

  Integrity & Commitment:  Several of our Spring 2016 candidates volunteered with brothers as part of the Columbia Community Outreach (CCO) project.

Integrity & Commitment: Several of our Spring 2016 candidates volunteered with brothers as part of the Columbia Community Outreach (CCO) project.

Rush, or the period of time at the beginning of each semester during which fraternities recruit new members, can become confusing due to the large number of fraternities and the diversity of our Rush policies; unlike Sorority Recruitment, Rush is not centrally coordinated by a Greek council. 

To help you on your way, we've created a Rush Dictionary (below) and a general Rush Timeline, as well as a Rush Calendar for Sigma Nu in particular. If you're looking for more information about why you should consider going Greek at Columbia and how Sigma Nu might offer you the best college experience, that's here too. 

Please feel free to direct any questions to our Recruitment Chair, Michael Fagundo, at or to our President, Marshall Bozeman, at


Rush Dictionary

Rush: The period of time at the beginning of each semester during which fraternities recruit new members. The rush period for Sigma Nu is three to four weeks in duration.  
Prospect: An individual who is meaningful interested in receiving a bid (see "bid" below) at the conclusion of the rush process.
Bid: Fraternities distribute "bids," or invitations to become a candidate for full membership, at the end of each rush period. The recipients of bids can choose freely whether to accept or deny the invitation. Acceptance typically is followed by a ceremony that formally inducts the new candidate class into the candidate process. The number of bids distributed varies significantly by fraternity and semester, but Sigma Nu typically hands out around 10 in both the fall and spring, usually at or near 100% acceptance. 
Candidate / Pledge: "Candidates" or "Pledges" are those who have accepted their bids and have been inducted as candidates for full membership in the fraternity. The candidate process is typically one semester in duration. The experience varies significantly from fraternity to fraternity. Sigma Nu was founded on the principle of non-hazing in 1869, and as such, we are strictly a non-hazing fraternity.  
Initiation: The ceremony that inducts pledges / candidates for full membership as brothers in the fraternity
Brother: A brother is a full member of the fraternity who has completed the pledge process and has been inducted through an initiation ceremony.  
Chapters vs. "Fraternities: "Fraternities," like Sigma Nu, are national or international organizations that are comprised of many collegiate sub-units called "chapters." Ours is the Delta Gamma chapter of the Sigma Nu International Fraternity, which, as a Tier 1 Fraternity, is comprised of almost 300 chapters that have initiated over 227,000 men since the fraternity's founding at the Virginia Military Institute in 1869. Of those, nearly 1,200 have been Columbia Men. In the Ivy League, Dartmouth, Yale, Penn and Columbia have active Sigma Nu chapters, along with other top schools, like MIT, Stanford, and Duke.

Greek Councils: Sigma Nu is governed by the "Inter-Fraternity Council," a representative body of all registered fraternities on campus that are unaffiliated with a specific cultural or ethnic group. Sigma Nu currently holds the President and Vice-President of Programming seats. The analogous body for social Sororities is the Pan-Hellenic Council. Fraternities and Sororities affiliated with a specific cultural or ethnic group are governed by the "Multi-Cultural Greek Council." All of the above are governed by the Inter-Greek Council and the Department of Student Affairs. The term "Greek" is a catch-all for all Fraternity and Sorority members of any kind. 


Brownstone: Colloquially called houses, these are townhouses on 113th and 114th between Broadway and Amsterdam that are homes to Greek Organizations.  Sigma Nu's is at 556 West 113th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam, close to the McBain dormitory.