Who We're Looking for

Who should rush and when?

Although Sigma Nu is highly selective in our distribution of bids, we see potential in a wide variety of students, so we encourage every Columbia man to partake in rush. Membership is in no way restricted based on athletic involvement, ethnicity, interests, etc. Columbia undergraduate men of all years can rush.

We have both a fall and a spring rush; however, we encourage freshmen to strongly consider the fall. A fraternity is a valuable tool to connect new students to the variety of campus pursuits engaged by brothers. Brothers can also serve as experienced sources of advice as you begin your Columbia experience. In other words, a fraternity, as we understand it, is a support platform to springboard you into other professional, extracurricular, or academic involvements on campus -- certainly a big help to freshmen. That being said, if you would prefer to explore Columbia on your own accord in the fall or are torn between fraternities, feel free to let us know and we can defer your bid to the spring. Interest expressed in the fall with desire to defer a bid for candidacy does not count against you. 

What characteristics are we looking for?

Our brothers are a diverse group. Among us are NYC-renowned jazz and folk rock musicians, entrepreneurs, talented programmers, NASA researchers, artists, athletes of all varieties, budding financiers and consultants, pre-law and pre-med students, and political campaigners. Our backgrounds are equally as variable; we're African American, Asian American, Indian American, Hispanic American, international students from all over, and we come from a variety of households. We all, however, share a commitment to excellence, to the fraternity, and to one another.

  The End Product:  Our dedicated Spring 2016 candidate class with their equally dedicated Marshal Zach Warren and Assistant Marshals Noah Turett and Hayden McGovern.

The End Product: Our dedicated Spring 2016 candidate class with their equally dedicated Marshal Zach Warren and Assistant Marshals Noah Turett and Hayden McGovern.

We therefore look for high caliber individuals who display superior academic, extracurricular, professional, or athletic promise and who clearly demonstrate that they understand the value of brotherhood. We feel that the strong sense of brotherhood in our fraternity is unmatched by other fraternities on campus, so we look for Columbia men who can become, above all else, devoted and loyal brothers. While we accept no less than excellence from all of our brothers, we also are looking for company that knows how to have a good time.  


How can you prove yourself?

Come to our rush events, put yourself out there, have a good time, and tell us about your interests, ambitions, background, and personality. Rush is an informal process; this isn't another college application, but take it seriously and make a commitment to getting to know a lot of the brothers.